8 Deadly Seo Mistakes Companies Make

SEO has become an essential part of any business marketing campaign. Getting this right will help to ensure your website is visited and you will increase your chance of having customers. Get it wrong and you could be left with a large amount of your marketing budget going nowhere.

That’s why it’s so important to understand the 8 deadly SEO mistakes that companies make.

  1. Avoiding Technology

The fact that you are looking at SEO means you’re aware of the importance of the internet in finding customers and selling your products. However, SEO is about more than just creating content and putting it on the web to build a customer base.

You need to embrace technology in order to be competitive. This means looking at your company goals, the data and customer feedback before you plan your future targets. Alongside this it is essential to use technology to help manage all the systems in your business, from personnel to accounting solutions. The more data you have the easier you’ll find it to generate the right SEO campaign.

Seo Mistakes

  1. Keyword Stuffing

You need to choose keywords that are relevant to your product. If you don’t, you can generate a heap of traffic but no actual sales. Once you’ve chosen the right keyword you should also be aware that it needs to fit into your SEO articles smoothly and naturally. While lots of keywords are great the flow of the article is more important to Google and the other search engines.

  1. Linking Incorrectly

You need to link to your home page or other relevant pages on your website but don’t overdo it. If you do then the search engines will simply see your article as advertising and not necessarily the most informative response.

Instead ensure every article responds to a specific question and add in just a few, high quality links. You’ll be building your online reputation which is just as important as creating traffic.

  1. Having An Unreasonable Expectation

If you expect your SEO campaign to instantly double your sales then you’re in for a rude awakening. Even the best campaigns take time to work; this is why you need to monitor each campaign and redefine the next until you get the one that really works.

  1. Not Using Google Webmaster

Google has a lot of tools built into their webmaster app. These are free and can provide you with your current index and site traffic. Use these tools to help direct your SEO campaign; they are free!

  1. Improper Use Of Images

Images are now an essential part of any marketing campaign. But, you need to add alt and title tags for them to be relevant to the search engines and actually help your search engine rankings.

Doing this properly can really boost your online presence, unfortunately most people don’t.

  1. Failing To Target Mobile

In 2016 more people accessed websites through mobiles than desktops. This was the first time this happened but has set a trend that is likely to continue. A big SEO mistake is not to ensure that your pages are mobile friendly. It’s easily overlooked but can seriously affect the amount of traffic that stays on your pages.

  1. Forgetting The Target Audience

Finally it is very easy to get caught up in creating a beautiful SEO campaign and forget about your customer base. You need to speak in the language that your target audience uses; if you don’t they won’t even look at what you are offering.