Choosing the Right Type of Copier for Your Needs

There are many essentials in offices and other business establishments, but a photocopier is one machine you must have. It is handy in many ways. It does not only make office work more straightforward and more accessible to employees, but it also increases the productivity rate in the workplace. At the same time, it helps in the better organization of documents. Photocopy machines are not just useful in workplaces and businesses; it is also helpful for many students in universities as well as the home. However, you need to remember one thing; you can only fully maximize the potential of a machine if you choose the right one for your needs.

There are different types of copier Houston intended for different purposes. Therefore, if you are planning to buy one, it is essential to prepare it first. Why do you need it? Where are you going to use it? Is it for personal or business use? If it is for the office, how often will it get used? Is it for bulk copying? Do you only need a copier or do you also need it for printing? There are many other factors you need to consider before buying one. But to make things simpler for you, here are the basic types of photocopiers to choose.

The Analog System

It was the first type of copier invented. As the name implies, it makes use of the analog system. It is very simple, and it has a single function, to copy papers. It makes use of an internal mirror to copy the image then transmit it using static electricity to create a copy using a toner. Concerning price, it is a lot more affordable than the newer system, but it is fast becoming obsolete. If you have the means, it is best not to choose an analog copier since it could be less useful.

The Digital System

Modern copiers make use of the digital system. It copies papers into memory then uses a laser to imprint the details then transmit it inside the drum for the toner to print a copy. Most of the time, you can also connect these into different networks so different users can share it. There are different types of digital copiers based on usage.

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Home Business Level Copier

These copiers are often compact and can fit on tabletops. They are multifunctional, but it contains one input tray and one output tray as well. It is for those who do not plan to use it the entire day every day. It is ideal for students and individuals who want to have their machine at home and for small businesses which can be run at home or just by one person. The longevity for this type is usually three to five years.

Commercial Grade Copiers

These machines are intended for office and business use. The designs’ intention is for bulk and heavy-duty copying and printing. There are a lot of different features and uses; therefore the machine is also significant. It comes with various functions and is often good to use for five to ten years.

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