Going Green at Trade Shows

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While conventions and trade shows are on the cutting edge of technology, they still suffer from the age-old problem of creating incredible amounts of waste.

Each year it is estimated that 60 million trade show/convention attendees leave behind a staggering 1 billion pounds of waste.

Here are some ways to cut down on all the garbage:


Go paperless

Following a trade show, it is amazing to see all the paper lying on the floor and pouring out of trash cans. Offering up digital versions of what your company has to offer not only helps to save the environment, it also lets you feature more of what your business is about than you could ever fit in a trade booth. It’s also a great way to engage potential customers as it allows them to use interactive displays to order from their devices.

Offer recycling

While this seems obvious, often there are no recycling bins available at trade shows. Adding a simple blue bin to your trade booth can go a long way to reducing your carbon footprint. Most people are happy to recycle as long as the bins are there for them to use.

Give out cloth grocery bags

Not only can your customers use them to take home what they’ve purchased, the bags also offer free advertising with your logo or slogan on them every time the customer goes shopping.

Give out stainless steel water bottles

Another blight often seem following a trade show is the number of plastic water bottles strewn all over the place. People carry water bottles just about everywhere and they will take them if they are offered. Being stainless steel, they don’t contain BPA (which has been linked to cancer) and they can be used for years and, like the cloth bags, can be emblazoned with your logo or slogan.