Strengthening Key Business Relationships with Trade Shows

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Trade shows are a fabulous method of attracting and generating new leads and customers but they also provide the perfect opportunity to build key business relationships with your existing customers.

Trade Shows

It’s important to have a stand which truly stands out from the crowd using display banners and other key marketing and display equipment from sources like These can not only attract new potential customers to your stand but also help to direct existing customers to your latest display.

It can be incredibly difficult to spend time with business contacts in a world which is becoming increasingly busy so trade shows provide the perfect opportunity for a little face to face contact. The people you can reach at this type of venue include:

1 – Existing customers – the perfect opportunity to maintain a business relationship, up-sell and cross sell to them.
2 – Key customers – ensuring that you get to keep their business as well as gather feedback about the performance of your business, products and services.

Trade Shows

3 – New prospects – the perfect opportunity to generate new sales leads and on to sales.

4 – Alliance partners in your industry – with everybody under one roof for a number of days it can provide a superb opportunity to get together while saving time and travelling expenses.

5 – Distribution partners – everyone has the opportunity to promote new products and services which can make your business even more profitable and slick.

6 – The media including bloggers, journalists and analysts – this can help your business, product or service to gain precious exposure. Trade shows provide excellent opportunities for public relations.

Of course, it is important to design the best meeting space possible in order to provide a great impression for your business. The things you need to take into account when designing your exhibition space includes:
1 – The number of people who will be in your exhibition booth at one time. Do you speak mainly to individuals, pairs of people or larger groups of customers / business associates? You may need to provide table and chair space for both your clients and yourself.

2 – Will you need more than one meeting space in your exhibition stand? This depends upon the size of your sales team and how many leads you can realistically expect to generate. There is no need to provide sufficient capacity for the very busiest periods of the show but you need to be able to cope for the majority of the time.

3 – How much privacy is needed for your meetings? Trade shows and exhibitions can be extremely busy, noisy places so privacy can be something which is difficult to achieve. You may want absolute privacy so that nobody can see with whom you are speaking with private negotiations and hidden presentations. You may benefit from semi open meeting spaces or even find it most profitable and useful to perform all of your meetings out in the open.

Trade Shows

4 – How sophisticated do you want your exhibition stand to be? Remember that this will give an important impression of your company to both new and existing customers and business associates so it is important to get it right. Think about whether you will need any graphics, architecture or presentation technology to help publicize your products and services. You must make your meeting space comfortable and welcoming yet professional and suitable for purpose – the purpose of enhancing your business, meeting important existing clients to build a lasting relationship and attracting new clients to your business.

Get it right and every trade show will help your business to flourish and grow a little more.